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About Us

Who We Are ?

A&S Oil Industries is a fast emerging name as a manufacturer of fine quality Banaspati/Cooking Oil and industrial fats on the industrial horizon of Pakistan. The manufacturing facilities are located in Korangi Industrial Area and Port Qasim Authority, Karachi-Pakistan. The plant envisages per day capacity to produce 300 Tons of Banaspati /Cooking Oil and 100 Tons of Industrial Fats. Professional expertise, commitment and quality consciousness brought ultimate fruits and presently the brand "TAAZA" is known as high quality Banaspati/Cooking Oil and Industrial Fats, available in all major cities of Pakistan at competitive rates.

Our Mission

Every great journey of the human history started from a first small step. This was the saying, which motivated and inspired us to establish a Cooking Oil,Banaspati ,Vegetable Oil and Fat industry. The aim was to provide excellent quality product to the common market at very reasonable and competitive prices. It was seriously felt that although there are number of competitors providing reasonably fine quality vegetable oil and fats in the country but due to the brand monopolization, they are charging high loyalty for their products. We on the other hand have a different approach as the end consumer, a common man has given very little space to make choice to get a good quality product within his limits.

Future Outlook

A&S Oil Industries has become a known business house in Pakistan at very early age attributable to professional and market oriented approach of the management. The management is confident that by providing quality food items to the public, the business will constantly grow with the passage of time. Capturing the market as well as satisfying our clients with fine quality and assurance will be our foundation to success.

Our Machinery

Taaza is becoming well known brand in the market. The popularity and success of TAAZA brand necessitated expansion in production facilities. Until now we have erected a 15 vessel batch refinery, a fully automatic Physical Continuous Refinery, an extra 8 vessel batch refinery, 3 state of the art Margarine Manufacturing Plants and a De-Wax Plant which are giving full production. It is to mention that all our vessels and storage tanks are hygenic and food grade. As a result, A & S Oil Industries is now fully capable of producing all ranges of Banaspati, Cooking Oil in all commercial packing and all industrial fats including margarine, puff margarine and shortening for the use of Biscuit and Baking Industry.

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